Series PHEV EVDrive-Train™ Technology Testbed for BMW 325i -E46 Overview

7 EVDrive Sub-systems “sized/customized” for a Series PHEV EVDRive-Train delivering “no performance or operational compromise” driver experience in this BMW 325i compared to original gas powered car – 150kW Drive / 25kW gas REX (range extender) / ~50 mile battery and ~300+ total miles range – More information located here.

EVDrive Gas Range Extender (REX) mounted into the spare tire well flush with bottom of trunk, so no loss of cargo space in the trunk


Technology Testbed Development Highlights

The EVDrive™ e-CarE46 prototype transformation is complete*, this car is now on the road with over 10,000 miles under it’s belt as of December 2013 and has completed all of it’s testing, performing better than when it had it’s ICE – mission accomplished.

The EVDrive-train or powertrain conversion technology testbed latest revisions for both this car and our first motorcycle, unlike the BUILD DIARY prototypes, contains our own custom designed motors and other components to enhance the performance value to the end customer even further.

*complete means fully functional engineering prototype for regular use but is still a development & test platforms for our line of 200-800HP EVDrive-trains, a sort of rolling fully functional daily-use/driver platform for adding/testing new features for our EVDrive-train powertrain conversion kits …

In the case of the e-CarE46, elimination of fuel use and it’s emissions was the goal but without sacrifice of performance OR economy.  For all of EVDrive’s tech testbeds, electric power comes from renewable sources only. Many others throughout the U.S., who are able, are following this same path to true energy independence and lower lifecycle operating costs of their hybrid or all electric vehicles.

In the case of the e-MotoCRF250R off road bike project, noise and emissions reduction were the original motivations, as well as being a great design/testing platform for 2-wheel EV development in general.

The e-Moto platforms will now allow riding in high density areas, indoors and outdoors, creating many more riding opportunities. Nothing left to complain about. Indoor riding arena’s could now be heated or cooled for the first time, not needing to continuously exchange a high volume of outside air.

It turns out that both engineering prototypes have many other side benefits from the electric drive system that makes the outcome even more dramatic.

Driving Characteristics

Here is the operation profile from Bob, co-founder and CTO who uses this car as daily driver.

“You can take off in first gear like the original manual transmission was intended (hold on- expect wheel spin if you are not careful) or, start in 2nd gear for a 0 – 65MPH range automatic with “aggressive” starting acceleration or, start in 3rd gear for a 0 – 110MPH range automatic with “normal” starting acceleration. 4th gear pulls hard from around 50MPH – 130MPH 5th gear tops out at ? (need a place to test this…) With this 100kW drive, the 0-60 time is just under 8 seconds … better than was possible when I had the ICE under the hood.

Around town, I leave the transmission in 2nd gear and it performs very much like the original, in automatic form that is. The electronic drive makes a very smooth and linear acceleration and deceleration. No limitations here. Want to pass on a steep freeway climb? No problem, again better than with the ICE I had.

The clutch is never used for starting or stopping, only for changing gears while in motion. This feature will make the clutch disc last much longer. Because of the full regen braking, the original friction brakes are used very little and will also last much longer than normal. Just a couple of many benefits that come from this conversion. (150kW drive will produced faster 0-60sec times and will be available as standard for this conversion kit and the 100kW will be available for lighter cars)

With our custom BMS design, after hundreds of charge cycles, our battery pack filled with our chosen new gen Lithium Ion cells from A123 systems , are performing flawlessly. There is so much current available, there is very little heat generated in the battery pack, a recipe for long cell life.

We hope that sharing this Build Diary detail on our web-site will help encourage others to go electric by showing what is available and possible or coming soon, and perhaps will give you the comfort to consider the purchase one of our complete conversion kits from one of our regional dealer/installers, as one of your options. (This sales and support network will be developed through 2011 – contact us if interested)

This 2003 BMW 325i was chosen for the first car conversion using the EVDrive-train architecture. Click here to read the build diary of the prototype. 

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