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The eMX (all-electric) conversion kit for Honda CRF250R Chassis

gen 1 version of EVDrive electric conversion of crf250Rgen 1 version of EVDrive electric conversion of crf250R


Gen 2 Honda conversion makes a major step ahead of Gen 1 in terms of performance, range, weight distribution, maintainability and efficiency for longer rides (WATCH VIDEO OF GEN1 SIDE BY SIDE w/ GAS CRF250R and Gen1 bike alone video – Gen2 conversion will be superior to what is shown in these videos).  As far as engineering and craftsmanship of the Gen2 e-Moto-CRF conversion kit, please refer to our e46 conversion prototype build diary for some clues.

Gen1 is shown in both of the above pictures and in the 2 video links –  the Gen1 version of e-Moto-CRF has a total power of 36kW (48HP at engine out, 33HP @ rear wheels) and is our engineering prototype test platform.  Gen2, our conversion for sale to the public, will have nicely designed side panels with the EVDrive™ branding logo only on a portion of the side panels, leaving room on the panel for customer/sponsor logos, indoor MX facility branding, etc.  See potential graphics and side panel designs for the Gen2 below on this web-page.  We are accepting your additional ideas for these designs, so go ahead and send in your sketches and renderings to Contact@EVDrive.com.

Chassis and components – we chose the Honda CRF250R because even though designing and building an electric optimized frame would be best for larger battery packs and for our swap-able battery pack technology, we feel the metric OEMs have invested millions in R&D and racing, the feel, weight distribution, suspension, frame rigidity are lauded and they have shown they have the world-class handling, balance, suspension and braking characteristics, as the motorcycle media says time and time again, CRF250R was the reigning 250cc MX champ back in 2010 (and these are the perfect affordable bikes we like to convert) -> reigning 2010 250 shootout champion – top bike in the four-stroke world, the Honda CRF 250R”.  and again took #1 in 2011took #2 in 2012, and was tied for #1 in 2013.  We acknowledge, mostly due to motor, which we replace, brakes and suspension, (both upgrade-able), Yamaha YZ250F has taken over the MX #1 spot in 2014, Honda in #3 overall spot, with KTM and Kawasaki, also producing much improved 250cc MX bikes, arguably better than the latest Honda offering in some key areas.)

Battery packs – To  Gen2, the fast charge battery packs will be employed.  Estimated range and time of use of depends on terrain and riding style, however prior experience with Gen1 suggests that with 2.4kWh of battery energy, on an MX track, Gen2 should deliver about 45 minutes of use.

Motors– Gen 1 was based on off the shelf motors and controllers to determine what is the correct power required for this application. The 2 heavy cast iron framed motors were very torquey, but not only did they take up much of the core volume displacing cells and requiring another controller, they are not liquid-cooled and in general not built to endure the rigors of off-road riding.  However, this engineering prototype gave us the data required to design a proper EVDrive-Train for this world-class dirt-bike.   Electric e-MotoCRF250R Gen2 production conversion kit uses our own custom engineered EVD60kw/80HP (peak) liquid-cooled  Brushless DC Axial Flux motor configured for ~65HP at engine out, ~50HP at rear wheels – which will be rider select-able to dial down the rear wheel HP to rider ability – final numbers TBD from our Dyno runs, but EVDrive confidently expects Gen2 to meet the rear wheel power of a STOCK gas powered crf450R.

Generation 2 is transformational with many improvements

  • EVDrive™ Custom liquid-cooled Brushless BLDC motor, 60kW peak – rider programmable max power settings
  • Nearly 2x the range from larger (twin swap module based) pack than the Gen 1
  • High RPM with internal gear reduction delivers torque off the line and 70MPH
  • Regen rear wheel braking with left hand (still has hydraulic right foot disc brake)
  • Liquid cooling for high sustained power and sealed from dirt/mud
  • Original metric OEM model motor/exhaust width, weight and weight distribution
  • Motor efficiency jumped from 85% with Gen1 to 96% with Gen2
  • Torque control on throttle, not speed
  • Unique rider adjustable, on-the-fly regen brake control and “smart” torque delivery based on terrain conditions**

EVDrive™ e-moto Powertrain Overview

As you can see from our build diary, no other e-moto manufacturer has given their potential customers a detailed look at their prototype build and results.  We hope that sharing all this detail will convince you of our engineering quality and claimed performance.   At 2011 SEMA we discussed a bit more about this project.

The new generation batteries that make the BMW project so potent has even more significance here because of the extreme power to weight ratio which is so important in a bike.

This project is intended to demonstrate this potential by conversion of full performance race ready Honda CRF250R’s to race ready full performance electric (e-CRF250R) with equal or better performance.

Imagine how this quiet machine could change the riding opportunities.  Neighbors will no longer even know you are riding.   The tracks around the country that have closed because of noise would be able to continue with full electric motocross.  When trail riding, you literally see more activity from “sneaking up” on wildlife as well as minimizing your impact.  Keep in mind this bike is not silent, especially at speed, but relatively silent.

At walking speed, there is a slight chain noise only in our Gen1.

The rewards from conversion verses ground up design are significant.  We are starting with a known package that any CRF rider would immediately feel comfortable with and can withstand the pounding of the most brutal motocross tracks.  This is accomplished by matching the weight and weight distribution of the original gas powered design and building the electric drive system with equal or greater tolerance to normal “abuse” by pro riders on the track.

Attributes/Benefits of electric motos that are difficult or impossible with gas powered versions:

  1. Massive low end torque starting at zero RPM. No clutch needed for a controlled launch. This will excel in trials riding and on tight/technical trails in the woods.
  2. Silence, relatively speaking.
  3. Continuous acceleration from 0 – 55mph (with current gearing and single speed)
  4. Very little vibration.
  5. No warm up period. Just turn it on and go full on.
  6. Powered from your own solar panel if so inclined.
  7. Throttle curve customizing with ease, just plug in your laptop.
  8. Little maintenance.
  9. No fluids (other than brakes and shocks)
  10. No exhaust. The indoor tracks can now retain their heat without the need for massive ventilation fans which still leave lingering exhaust fumes.
  11. No spark arrester needed, there is little heat to begin with. This means significantly less fire danger. These cells have inherently safe chemistry that will not explode or burn, unlike the batteries in cell phones and laptops.
  12. Simple cleanup. When the complete drive system is enclosed there is much less to clean. A quick shot with the pressure washer and the bike is clean.
  13. Street legal opportunity. These bikes can now be made legal for dual purpose mode. The broad federal sweep of emission control implemented on January 1 2006, banned all bikes with the statement on the title “for off road use only” from street use.   This was strictly for emission control reasons.  We know this from the personal experience our founder had with this matter in 2006 with DMV/DEQ.  Oregon DMVdepartment will grant licenses once they see directly there are no emissions involved and has all the normal required equipment.

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