Rear Charge Port

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The old fuel tank inlet has been re-commissioned:

BMW made it easy for me here too. This was only a half day task with the rotary table on the milling machine. It presses snugly into the rubber lined opening and is anchored from behind with a mount that is perfectly located for this purpose. Getting a bit repetitive, but Luck happened again…


The final form

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The final form of the air conditioning control board enclosure:

The bottom plate of this enclosure (not visible) is thermally connected to this water cooled charger it is mechanically mounted to. This plate was the replacement of the air cooling base in it’s original form, seen in top photo.


Front Charge Port

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Fun with ABS:

This comfortable plug handle was fabricated with ABS which I built around a standard 14-50 220V socket/plug.

This is the charger input port that will be used normally while parked in the garage. With this recessed plug design, it is impossible to get your fingers anywhere near metal.


Power steering pump

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Since the BMW originally had it’s power steering pump driven off the gas engine, an alternative is needed. This Toyota MR2 power steering pump is a likely candidate:

It’s internal 12V electric motor is designed to run full time and is smart enough to know when to idle back when not being used to reduce power consumption. 

It also has a digital input that gradually reduces the motor speed (and thus power level) when the need diminishes, i.e. on the highway.  

All other components from the original power steering system will be used.

We purchased the original Toyota connectors which are very high quality O-ring sealed interconnects. It just so happened that we were able to use a left over 50A circuit in the BMW that was used for the exhaust emission control pump, which was exactly the supply capacity needed to power this pump.


Converter delivered

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1200 Watt converter as delivered:

This unit converts the 700 VDC battery pack output down to the 12 Volt level to maintain the charge in the existing automotive power system just as the alternator did with the original gas engine.

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