Final working result

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Here is the final working result:


All links are connected

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All links are connected and the BMS slave boards are going in:

Notice that there are no longer exposed conductors. We added FR4 in strategic forms that simply pull out for access to the high current module interconnect jumpers.


Final Assembly

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Here is the final assembly of the drive system:

Mount the flywheel and insert the pilot bearing


Radiator / cooling system

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Here is the cooling fluid filler inlet that I machined custom for this situation.

The main issue was to secure a hose barb fitting to this radiator inlet. The original radiator cap was on a remote reservoir that I am not using so I needed a compact alternative. As per usual, I had to make it. The gold cap has an O-ring seal. The temperature peaks will not be anything like the original ICE type levels, so will need much less accommodation for thermal expansion.


What I’ve been up to

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Here is what I have spent my time on in the last couple weeks, confirming things, discovering swapped wires, burning up a few wires…  But all is shaken out now and all but the Air conditioning has been fired up and tested.

The first real world test… I pressure washed the car then opened up the hood to inspect the water presence. All electrical zones, including this cavity were bone dry, the gutters and drains all worked nicely.

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