Fuse, contactor, and distribution box

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Here is the rough outline of the Fuse box. Battery output cables pass through the wall of the battery box directly into this box.


Vacuum Pump

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Here is the manufacture, part number and specs. We purchased this unit from www.metricmind.com. Check out his site for the current price.


Battery update

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The electronics that monitor and control the battery cells, referred to as the BMS (Battery Management System), is currently under development for the BMW. This BMS design has the ability to be scaled to fit any application. The e-MotoCRF250R drive system will use the same BMS circuit boards in fact, integral to each module to eliminate exposed wiring.


The inverter finally arrives

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The inverter finally arrives, and here is the first test fit:

It fits perfectly. The front face of this box will be nearly up against the back wall of the battery pack. All the water cooling plumbing and wires appear to have clear paths.


Layout Update

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Here is the exact position of three components, the A/C (air conditioning) pump, EV fluid heater at right rear, and the vacuum pump at left rear. I had the motor model in place to get them positioned with proper margins, just before pulling the transmission.

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