Things are looking up

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Things are looking up for the inverter SW design. There are multiple design efforts now going in parallel with this very capable power stage hardware.

This is one of those things that we did not plan to spend time engineering, but some times you have to take matters into you own hands… On the bright side, this forces us to thoroughly understand the optimization parameters of this critical element of the drive system that will certainly have big payback on future projects.


All 30 modules are in place

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All 30 modules are in place for final Z axis confirmation:



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This 200kW Inverter has not been completed and the Dutch company Evisol has run out of money while debugging their SW/HW problems.

The new investors have personally pledged to repay or deliver after new development restart but is just words rather than any guarantee.

At this point, those of us that invested in this product don’t expect that they will deliver anything that will make our Inverter hardware functional. The company name has changed to ??? and we would be skeptical of … stay tuned …

Original Plan : …. delayed for redesign of the DSP board


The flywheel weight reduction project

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This chunk of ALU will be machined to match the critical surfaces and mounting locations of the original steel flywheel. The back side will be significantly hollowed out leaving only the material needed for structural strength.

After some time with the bandsaw, here is the flywheel taking form:


Finished component stack

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Here is the mount we fabbed up to mount the charger into the odd shaped battery box:

The lower part of the charger is captured behind the shoulder on the left part of the triangle

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