Layout Update

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Here is the exact position of three components, the A/C (air conditioning) pump, EV fluid heater at right rear, and the vacuum pump at left rear. I had the motor model in place to get them positioned with proper margins, just before pulling the transmission.


Layout planning

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The plan is to replace the internal combustion engine with a power/motor/inverter package with the following properties:

Enough energy storage to travel 50-60 miles at highway speeds

Using an estimate of 13kW to maintain 60MPH speeds on level surface, a 15kWhr pack size is the ideal point that fits, matches the weight and allows 60 mile range.

This implies a 70-80% discharge level for a 40 mile round trip that extends the cycle life of the cells significantly relative to the 100% depth of discharge cycle life of over 1000 cycles. This would achieve 20 years of life based on 300 40-mile trips per year.

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