Vacuum Pump

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Here is the manufacture, part number and specs. We purchased this unit from www.metricmind.com. Check out his site for the current price.


Battery update

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The electronics that monitor and control the battery cells, referred to as the BMS (Battery Management System), is currently under development for the BMW. This BMS design has the ability to be scaled to fit any application. The e-MotoCRF250R drive system will use the same BMS circuit boards in fact, integral to each module to eliminate exposed wiring.


The inverter finally arrives

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The inverter finally arrives, and here is the first test fit:

It fits perfectly. The front face of this box will be nearly up against the back wall of the battery pack. All the water cooling plumbing and wires appear to have clear paths.


Mounting the motor

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Mounting the motor to the transmission involves two primary tasks:

  1. Adaptor plate design/construction – motor face to transmission bell housing face
  2. Shaft adaptor design/construction/installation – mounts flywheel to motor shaft

Here we have placed them shaft-to-shaft, level, and in their proper orientation to look for any conflicts on the bolt placement around the bell housing relative to the electric motor.

The primary thing to look for is places where a bolt from each side of the adaptor plate share the same location or overlap slightly, interfering with each other.

We are happy to report that there are no bolt location conflicts in the planned orientation. If there were a conflict, the motor could be rotated slightly one direction or the other to allow clearance, as long as the shafts remain in concentric orientation.


Plan changed

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The original plan was to combine the DC/DC converter heatsink (presently air cooled) with this water cooled charger, since the cooling resource is available to be shared. Because of the non-square inner compartment shape, the DC/DC converter will not fit, even with it’s air cooled heat sink removed. This will force it to the trunk, mated with the 12V standard battery that it will be delivering current to anyway. There is a good location for it there and will not cause a noise issue from it’s fan since the trunk is isolated from the interior.

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