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Water Runoff Management

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Another little detail that I took care of to keep the motor compartment dry. The cowling below the windshield is where the intake air comes into the interior, it also needs to deal with water that can come in at any time from rain or washing.

I machined this pair of “downspouts” from ABS block to replace the original gray rubber flap design (image below, bottom right) that simply dribbled water into the engine compartment.

Tubing that slides onto these barbed fittings route the water down and through the new bottom pan to keep the inside of the motor compartment completely dry and clean.


Aerodynamic Drag Reduction

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For an incremental reduction in aerodynamic drag, here is the main bottom pan in place.


Close look

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Here is the Evision circuit board that measures voltages, currents, and steals some isolated power for the controller. It sends out the data on a fiber optic link (blue fitting/black cable)

The Fat current sensor resistors are out of view below the FR4 sheet.

More stuff keeps fitting in, but it is about full now.


Specifications and Baseline Performance

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Update May 2009: (The drive sub-system and VCU has been updated with EVDrive’s latest Remy core Amr series motor and RMSPM100DXR controller)


  • Type: Siemens 1PV5135WS28 3 Phase Induction Motor
  • Number of Poles: 4
  • Continuous Power: 67 kW – 91 hp
  • Maximum Power (@ 850V): 200 kW – 272 hp <15 seconds
  • Maximum Power (@ 650V): 160 kW – 214 hp <30 seconds
  • Maximum Torque: 317 ft-lbs (430 Nm)
  • RPM Range: 0 – 10.000 RPM
  • Cooling: Water/Glycol
  • Weight: 200lbs (90 kg)

Note: This 200kW Inverter has not been completed and the Dutch company Evisol has run out of money while debugging their SW/HW problems. Fortunately, the electronic drive hardware was delivered prior to this problem and is indeed a very nice and functional power stage that is on its way to powering this BMW.


The wired result

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I am using semiconductor pre-charge devices along with the power resistors seen above, in gold color and with cooling fins. They will get little use so they will not be hot normally. In the case of a fault, we will sense it with thermal sensors that can generate a response.

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