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Battery pack

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This represents the shape that holds 2040 cells that utilize the various depths around the motor compartment. This design uses the A123 systems 26650 cells.


Layout planning

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The plan is to replace the internal combustion engine with a power/motor/inverter package with the following properties:

Enough energy storage to travel 50-60 miles at highway speeds

Using an estimate of 13kW to maintain 60MPH speeds on level surface, a 15kWhr pack size is the ideal point that fits, matches the weight and allows 60 mile range.

This implies a 70-80% discharge level for a 40 mile round trip that extends the cycle life of the cells significantly relative to the 100% depth of discharge cycle life of over 1000 cycles. This would achieve 20 years of life based on 300 40-mile trips per year.


AC traction motor

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This is a brushless, 4 pole, 3 phase, water cooled AC Induction motor. Weight is 200 lbs.

This is wound for 700 Volt operation for maximum performance which will take full advantage of the 200kW power inverter and high current battery cells.

May 14, 2008, The motor has arrived:


About the new look and Electric Moto MX

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The new look, complete with side panels. Also, Electric Moto MX and related topics discussed in detail

Here is a look at the complete Gen 1 package, now with side panels installed that keeps the dirt off the motors/controllers and makes the outside easy to clean-up, with or without a pressure washer. (Gen2 will have nicer side panels)


Contactor added

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Contactor added for safety disconnect and lower off state leakage.

The BMS interface wiring is now fully installed and ready for control SW work.

The new dashboard with range gauge at left and temperature readout at right.

Fully enclosed (underside included) ALU package guards wiring and keeps the dirt out.


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