Phase 3 of project

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Initial prototype/proof_of_concept will be with our prototype 25kW Range Extender a.k.a. REX housed in the spare tire well as an optimized “onboard generator”, much different from generators you see at hardware stores and able to power the car at highway speeds with some headroom for occasional aggressive driving activities.

The battery pack becomes a charge “buffer” as this generator is actually another AC motor running in Regen mode, efficiently putting charge directly into the BMW battery pack as the drive motor is taking it out (or fast charging while stopped). (We plan to offer our own custom designed compact REX units which will be able to mount right on the vehicle for many applications – we have 2 sizes of REX units in development at the moment – one for our street e-motos and one for this BMW 3-series class of e-vehicle)

This will give the best of both worlds; unlimited range gas/electric hybrid. Greater than 90% of the driving is done within the 50 mile range so the REX pod will sit at home most the time. This design will also work perfectly behind the Rav4ev, making it unlimited as well.

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