AC Power Source Select Relay

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Here is the finished packaging of the Air Conditioning motor controller, where I happen to be sharing the mounting opportunity for this smaller box that houses the AC select relay.

This turns out to be an ideal location for this function and I had just enough room to clear.  

The inactive port is always electrically disconnected to remove any hazard from exposed metal contacts when the other port that has power coming in.

Here is the installed result:

The two pan head bolts you see on it’s top mounting bar are the only HW involved with removal/installation as the lower mount simply drops into a slot/shoulder, seen in upper photo. I left “service loops” in certain wires to allow strategic access to other functions in the “stack” of hardware.

The inputs to this select relay come directly from the rear charge port, where the simple act of plugging into any voltage will switch the source to that port.

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