Range Extender Module

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REX – Range Extender Module. (or the new compact module to fit under your rear floor in place of some gas tanks – application specific …. stay tuned …)

For long trips, this is a necessary evil that allows a pure electric vehicle to travel continuously. This will be needed less than 5% of the drive time.

This fuel powered generator system can quickly charge up the pack while stationary at about a 1 minute per mile rate, or deliver enough power to drive at 65MPH continuously on the highway. Performance is unchanged because peak power is still coming from the pack.


The proof of concept generator is actually another AC induction motor being driven directly by a 2 cylinder  V-twin CARB/EPA rated gas engine at a fixed speed. The AC motor is electrically connected to it’s own Inverter/controller running continuously in Regen mode, delivering up to 700 V directly into the battery pack that powers the BMWe drive train. 

This approach solves the power conversion problem directly. Attempting to generate AC at line levels then stepping up this large power (16kW) to HV DC to deliver a charge to the pack is cumbersome and costly. This water cooled motor and inverter does this very efficiently.

When the battery technology improvements come along, this gas (or propane) powered range extender may no longer be necessary because of sufficient on board capacity. In the mean time, any fuel can be used for this such as propane or natural gas (only in large vehicles that can fit the larger tanks).  Anything but mid east oil…. and/or large carbon footprint extracted oil …

For moderate distances (additional ~100miles), the pod could contain another cell pack instead of this gas engine/generator arrangement.

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