Dashboard Display System

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I installed the Evision display system from MetricMind Inc.

The display shows the important details of the electric drive system. It is programmable and easily changeable on the fly with pre-programmed display assignments controlled by a rotary encoder I embedded into the console storage compartment. I didn’t quite get the color match right on the first cut, but will adjust this at some point.

The outer bar graph I prefer to always display the current State of Charge (“gas gauge”). The upper number in this case is pack voltage and the lower (blue) is showing kW, in this case the negative number implies incoming/charging current, 3.2kW going into the pack. This also explains why the green CHG indicator is on.

While slowing the car with regenerative braking, you see large negative values, i.e. lots of energy going back into the cell pack. 

I had to disassemble the instrument cluster to fully imbed this display. I didn’t really need the tachometer so it was the natural spot. This instrument cluster is the BMW vehicle master control unit so I handled it with care.

Another use of the rotary table – hogging a hole on this optical spreader element. 

The master controller for the display system resides in the wiring central box.

The interface to the high voltage pack resides in the Contactor box which communicates with the master controller via fiber optic link for safety and electrical noise reduction.

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