Final Assembly

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Here is the final assembly of the drive system:

Mount the flywheel and insert the pilot bearing

The two bolts you see hanging out had to be pre-assembled because of the overlap with the motor face on the other side. The same with the upper pair of bolts for motor mount. These recessed heads give the side benefit of anti-rotation for nut tightening.

Insert the clutch alignment tool

On goes the clutch plate

and then the clutch

Remove the alignment pin, slide the transmission onto motor and cinch down the bolts.

The transport to the auto shop from my perspective:

The insertion of this drive system..


.. is just a one person job with this compact 250 pound package. (Left above – prototype, Right above – pre-production kit prototype)

(Hint – for you service centers evaluating if you want to do these installs for your customers with our complete production version of our EVDrive-train conversion kits)

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