Inverter fully installed

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The recent bench testing all went perfectly and finally, a fully installed Inverter:

Everything is installed/wired/plumbed. The only thing missing from this view is the battery pack, which hides everything when installed… This Inverter(blue box) is a compact 100kW AC Induction motor drive control which has HV IGBT devices allowing for my 700V Lithium Ion battery system. With this 100kW inverter, the 660V nominal operating voltage will lower the current demand from the battery modules to a mere 150 Amps, only 22% of the cell module’s continuous output rating of 700 Amps(1200A for 10 sec peak). These cells will just be “idling” under full power.

We are not sure if we have mentioned this but, the pack is spec ‘d to deliver 684HP (based on 1000 amp @ 510V output, 204s10p configuration-still only 80% of peak). The new “weak link” is now the motor. So take this as a hint: motors are progressing well in power/weight and packaging, allowing another 2x power delivery in same space – we have our own optimal motor design ideas. A new generation of IPM brushless is nearing production that will be part of my next development, adding significantly to continuous power output levels and torque, delivered into a 4WD sport machine for best traction/regen braking.

The 200kW Inverter SW redesign is progressing well also. The motor is spinning on the bench under new control system. Victor at MetricMind.com, (where we purchased it) is committed to remedy Evisol’s development problem with eventual working result using original excellent HW drive electronics. Once ready, it will easily drop it into this vehicle in its originally planned form.

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