Water Runoff Management

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Another little detail that I took care of to keep the motor compartment dry. The cowling below the windshield is where the intake air comes into the interior, it also needs to deal with water that can come in at any time from rain or washing.

I machined this pair of “downspouts” from ABS block to replace the original gray rubber flap design (image below, bottom right) that simply dribbled water into the engine compartment.

Tubing that slides onto these barbed fittings route the water down and through the new bottom pan to keep the inside of the motor compartment completely dry and clean.

The downspout sleeve (top of image) will be bonded with a permanent squeeze on the O-ring.  

On the other unit, I used a stainless bolt and spreader bar to push on the sleeve and squeeze the rubber O-ring to allow easy removal if access to wiring/plumbing below is ever needed. 

Also made it a bit longer to better clear the wire harness bundle that passes below.

ABS material makes this task easy. Just had to think up a shape that places the fittings in the best locations while simultaneously considering the machining/material and poof, the assembly magically appears…

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