Aerodynamic Drag Reduction

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For an incremental reduction in aerodynamic drag, here is the main bottom pan in place.

I used ABS sheet with truss/ribs bonded to its top surface for rigidity and mounting aids. You can see a pair of mounts in the middle(sides), where I took advantage of existing studs that BMW must have planned just for me. Also, they left me nice panel mount locations on leading edge of this sheet, perfectly suited for this purpose.

I am using the same BMW panel fasteners that hold the stock underside panel up front. Because of how functional and friendly these BMW panel fasteners are, I am using them for all my panel mounting locations that will go in in the rear, which will finish cleaning up the air stream below and keep the aux battery pack dry and clean.

Note that the panel in front of the ALU stiffener above (original BMW design) is not in place in this photo but makes a very good seal all the way to the underside of the front bumper.

Here is another perspective:  

Working with ABS is a pleasure, I must say. It can be made very robust very easily with quick bonding of structural elements that you whip out on the table saw or any wood working equipment. With various sheet thickness and with texture, anything is possible.

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