Finished contactor/distribution box

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Here is the finished contactor/distribution box:

I liked the powder coating on the battery pack so we had to make this match. It turned out too nice… 

Here is the inside of the box prior to final wire connections. Various switching for motor and accessories (separately), fuse, pre-charge resistors, and distribution bars. The large high voltage contactor (buried below fuse) is for the motor only.

The positive input comes in the upper right corner, with the wire gland just passing the copper lug and still tightening down to a water-tight seal on the wire.

The negative input comes in the lower left corner, landing on the common buss bar.

This makes for quick and easy battery pack removal and installation.

For maximizing margins, we lined the complete inside of this box with FR4 as well as sectioning for isolation from high voltage to low voltage control I/O.  

Turning on the ignition key switch to Accessory mode will fire up one contactor that powers the Heating, Air conditioning, and the DC/DC converter which supplies power to keep the 12 volt system charged. This allows for temperature regulation while sitting stationary, without any load from the drive system.

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