Removal / installation

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Here is the process of removal/Installation

With this custom bar and strap arrangement, Bob can install/remove this pack with ease by himself, despite the tight clearances.

This custom rolling carrier is built to make access and movement simple.

The cross arms are long for a reason.

To do inside work in the machine shop, we pick up the carrier and pack with my John Deere:

We built this set of forks for my front loader many years ago. We didn’t know then how well it would work for so many jobs later. Another fine powder coating job by Tim at Willamette Powder Fab.

Then, we just place it over the threshold and onto the machine shop floor:

With one hand on the valve control, the other can guide it in easily.

As tight as things are, it fits with clearance, just like it was made for it…

Here is a quick look at how I have connected the modules for initial 350 volt operation:

The 6 rows are connected in pairs here. When we switch over to the HV mode, we will remove the tie bars and wire them into the routing channels as originally planned. We are using 2AWG wire.

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