Flywheel lightening project is complete

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Flywheel lightening project is complete. Don’t need this stinking steel mass to smooth out any non-existant combustion impulses from my electric motor…

The original steel flywheel is 22.5 lbs(10.4kg), the copy on the right is 9.5 lbs (4.3kg). That is 13 lbs lighter.

The goal of 10kg max total assembly weight was just met—got lucky again…

The Alu flywheel, clutch assembly and clutch disc total 22 pounds(10kg), which is exactly the side load specification for this motor from Siemens. 

We have mounted this new ALU flywheel on the motor (currently under bench testing with new HV 100kW inverter) and spun it up to about half speed and the balance and runout appear to be ideal.

The temporary 100kW Inverter (we are soon to receive) has recently been upgraded to HV drive devices.  This will allow my 700V drive system to fully utilize the 100kW drive potential of the inverter.

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