The final form

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The final form of the air conditioning control board enclosure:

The bottom plate of this enclosure (not visible) is thermally connected to this water cooled charger it is mechanically mounted to. This plate was the replacement of the air cooling base in it’s original form, seen in top photo.

It mounts onto the charger with only two bolts on top by virture of the slot feature on the bottom that forces the base flat against the cooled face. Thermal grease between ensures good heat transfer.

The small box that is riding piggy back is a convenient location for the AC power source relay. It routes the line input power for charging from either the front bumper charge port or the old gas filler port. When the gas filler door is opened, this relay is energized to allow charging from that port rather than the default front bumper port.

Here is a routing adjustment that makes the battery pack install/uninstall easier by getting the hose out of the path of the front right pack foot:

In the process, we moved the filler valve to the Alu billet tie point, to reuse this nice BMW item.

A closeup of the tie point.

Here is the full system view:

Although this blue compressor replaced the original belt driven compressor, all other A/C elements are used in original form including the two fill/vent valves for adding R134A.

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