Front Charge Port

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Fun with ABS:

This comfortable plug handle was fabricated with ABS which I built around a standard 14-50 220V socket/plug.

This is the charger input port that will be used normally while parked in the garage. With this recessed plug design, it is impossible to get your fingers anywhere near metal.

The other end of this plug (out of view) is an adaptor that will allow connection to any source power or plug type. The power source can be anything from 90VAC to 260VAC, where the charger determines how much current to draw based on that voltage.

These embedded LEDs make it easy to find the charge port in a dark environment, in addition to the cool factor of LEDs…

It will glow for a period of time after stopping/shutting off, then shut off automatically. I plan to install a door that will keep road grime out of the port, held closed with magnets.

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