What will replace cardboard box

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No longer a cardboard box:

The finished package, with a powder coat finish. We did this primarily for voltage isolation inside the box (prevents runaway plasma events, in this case) but it does make for a fine finish, thanks Tim at Willamette Powder Fab. This inner hood has a complete seal around the perimeter of the box, helping the long term reliability in this rough environment. 

The wiring to configure the pack into either 350V or 700V modes is contained within the shielded/insulated outer routing channels. 

Here is what we did to the bottom of the pack for thermal control (heating in winter, cooling in summer):

This pack structure has inner ribs that thermally conduct heat from the bases that also makes for a very rigid box. There is no flexing whatsoever with a full load of modules. 

Notice the tapered lead-in on the black feet. This helps the pack drop onto its rubber isolated mounting studs when lowering the pack into the motor compartment.

To reduce stress on the input and output fittings, we made a simple support, complete with rubber isolation. Each plane will be “capped” with another layer of Alu. 

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