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1200 Watt converter as delivered:

This unit converts the 700 VDC battery pack output down to the 12 Volt level to maintain the charge in the existing automotive power system just as the alternator did with the original gas engine.

Being electronic, it will allow using lights and accessories independently from driving, because it is always connected to the power source (as are all other functions, i.e. heating, cooling etc.)

We had originally planned to thermally mate this heat sink directly to the face of the water cooled charger to allow sharing the liquid cooling resource, but this was too much volume to fit the unused 12V battery location under the hood along with the charger. This would have removed the need for the electric fan.

Therefore, it will go here in the trunk, above the 12V battery, which it is connected to.

We will now have to run traction pack HV power outside the motor compartment, something we was trying to avoid. This means we will simply have to protect the wires very well, such as in a conduit pipe and careful routing to minimize possible hazards to rescue crews in the event of an accident.

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