All 30 modules are in place

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All 30 modules are in place for final Z axis confirmation:

The construction of the ALU enclosure is now underway… The white board is an approximation of the front face shape. The left and right ends of each row will connect externally in a shielded raceway leaving no interconnect wires inside/above the array.

Here, among the array of modules are two with their BMS slave boards plugged in:

The upper is a single board, monitoring/controlling 5 cell groups in this ‘short’ module form.

The lower is a pair of boards that monitor/control 10 cell groups in the ‘long’ module form. 

On the stacked pair, the upper board contains two rows of LEDs to make the lower board’s LEDs visible also. These boards just stack together, sharing a single comm port header.

The black standoffs will be pinned horizontally with each neighbor module to secure them.

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