The motor is now attached

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The motor is now attached to the factory motor mounts.

There still remains the corner gussets to be welded in and a pair of side arm stiffener plates for long term reliability. We would have already done this but a shipment of materials has been held up for weeks due to heavy snow that prevents UPS from making deliveries up our road. The road is finally beginning to clear now so it should be just a few days to take delivery. But even without the added strength, the mount appears rigid.

After blocking the motor in it’s exact location (plus 1/8 inch for settling on rubber mounts), I modeled/fabricated the mount structure. It turns out, 1/8 inch was a good guess. The resulting clearance between the motor and steering rack is just as planned. We are being critical with these clearances for the sake of the battery pack that will hover above.

As luck would have it, this ideal location for the motor clearance resulted in exact concentric alignment between motor output shaft and transmission input shaft (i.e. motor is level).

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