The adaptor plate

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The adaptor plate prepared for attachment to the transmission. The four larger holes are the pinned bolt holes that mount the plate to the electric motor. They drop in next.

The two bolts standing up are in locations that the electric motor overlaps, so we had to mill out a pockets for their heads and insert them before attaching plate to the electric motor.

The new power package:

Going in with ease. we installed the motor/transmission by myself in about a half hour with no problem. We lowered it down onto the floor jack that allowed us to pull it back from below, engaging the alignment pin in the drive line and spinning in the transmission mount bolts with my fingers. The easiest motor/trans install ever.

Sitting on a block up front initially, the fit looks good.

Now with the peripheral components bolted in:

Next up: fabrication of the front mount. This will be a stainless steel structure that will put the weight onto the original rubber isolated motor mounts, visible on each side. There will be enough margin around the motor to allow torque induced movement without contact.

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