The inverter is mounted

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This mount is secure. All axis are firmly supported to prevent mechanical resonance. The Drive motor will fill the hole below with 3/4 inch minimum clearance around it’s body.


Because of the limited access to the left side mounts at the rear of this inverter box, we moved the mount points to be just below the inverter with the pre-mounted support seen below.

The 3 holes along the bottom edge of this support have pressed in stainless PEM nuts so the installation into the motor compartment is very simple, with or without the drive motor mounted.

We machined notches into the 1/2 inch 6061 ALU plate that supports the steel tabs on the inverter. This prevents the side loading on the mounting bolts.

Without the inverter mounted, you can see the right hand mount points for the inverter. The cross bar supports the inverter in that axis and allows for a nice wiring support path.

The holes in these little brackets for wiring will allow cinching down with zip ties.

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