The pack mounting to the chassis

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The pack mounting to the chassis begins with inserting the captive stainless nuts inside the chassis. You can see the three holes that were used to install them. 

The green lining is VHB acrylic foam tape, used everywhere in the auto industry. We will be leaving the top adhesive cover on since we do not need the high-strength bond to hold the pack_mounting_foot down since the bolts do that already. This will allow it to come off if needed. This makes a resilient pad that the weight of the pack and inverter sits on.

Below (or beside) the holes are the installed nut plates

Stainless nuts welded onto stainless plates are pop-riveted with stainless rivets. This makes a very reliable and robust mounting technique that is easy to work with. 

The pack mounting rail on this side includes the mounting of the inverter.

This side takes advantage of 2 studs that were already there to anchor this side rail down.

There will be two “floating” feet on each side rail that will constrain the pack. I am including some compliance to filter high frequency vibrations and to allow for chassis flex.

Next up: cell welding and module packaging

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