Air Conditioning compressor

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This unit is from Masterflux, model Sierra 06-0982Y3. 

We get a lot of questions about this unit regarding how/where to purchase. Masterflux has designated the retailer as Revolt Custom Electric Vehicles at: www.revoltcustomelectric.com/components-accessories.html

A  variable speed AC motor is built into this compressor unit. This makes it quite compact. In fact, this compressor (with built in motor) is slightly smaller than the original BMW compressor that was driven off the gas engine. Because of it being an AC induction motor, you must drive it with the electronic control board shown since you cannot connect the motor directly to a DC source.

The compressor will reside in the cavity next to the drive motor, directly below the plumbing that passes through the fire wall and into the interior. It is designed for the standard R134 air conditioning fluid.

The original condenser, evaporator and drier units are still used in their original locations making this a straight forward conversion.

Since this will be connected to the main battery pack, it can operate at any time, no longer tied to a running gas engine.

Yet another advantage over the original design, it’s speed is adjustable to allow running only the level of cooling desired without cycling on and off to regulate the temperature.

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