Fluid heater from Europe

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From Europe, a MES-DEA RM3 4kW fluid heater:

This 4000 Watt unit heats fluid that is pumped through the interior heater core.  

From the inside,  the heating and defrosting system will operate in the original way except for being a bit quicker to deliver heat since there is less thermal mass to heat up, not having an engine block.

The power for this comes from the main battery pack and has a relatively small effect on driving range because because of its low duty cycle (percent of on time). Bob’s direct experience of summer/winter driving in the Rav4EV has shown less than 10% worst case.

The quickness of this heat source makes the factory electrically heated seats almost unnecessary.

Since there is little heat generated from the AC motor/Inverter drive system, the water cooling has insufficient heat for use in the interior. This way, you only consume energy when needed for the comfort of the human occupants.

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