The inverter finally arrives

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The inverter finally arrives, and here is the first test fit:

It fits perfectly. The front face of this box will be nearly up against the back wall of the battery pack. All the water cooling plumbing and wires appear to have clear paths.

Below, with the interior air inlet cowling removed, you can see the fittings where the fluid heater connects and passes through the firewall (behind right rear corner of box) for interior heat as well as the air conditioning fittings (behind left rear corner of box).

There is 3 inches between the back wall of the box and the tip of the fittings.  Perfect.

The three yellow cables are the 3 phase drive wires into the motor. The black cable passes the motor’s rotor position data back to the inverter to maintain synchronous control.

Because the length of the inverter/motor wires, we decided to spin it 180 degrees to give a bit more clearance from the steering assembly. This does not affect the transmission mount because of the symmetry of the motor face. Got lucky again.

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