Mounting the motor

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Mounting the motor to the transmission involves two primary tasks:

  1. Adaptor plate design/construction – motor face to transmission bell housing face
  2. Shaft adaptor design/construction/installation – mounts flywheel to motor shaft

Here we have placed them shaft-to-shaft, level, and in their proper orientation to look for any conflicts on the bolt placement around the bell housing relative to the electric motor.

The primary thing to look for is places where a bolt from each side of the adaptor plate share the same location or overlap slightly, interfering with each other.

We are happy to report that there are no bolt location conflicts in the planned orientation. If there were a conflict, the motor could be rotated slightly one direction or the other to allow clearance, as long as the shafts remain in concentric orientation.

We will be shortening the Siemens motor shaft by 3.25 inches that will leave exactly 0.75 inch between the two faces, the thickness of the aluminum adaptor plate I will be using. This will make the package much more compact and allow the use of the space for more cells.

Task #1 is relatively simple but needs precision with the alignment between the two shafts which is critical. I have a method planned for for this alignment task that I will show next update.

Task #2 is not so simple and must have a specialist involved to properly size the shaft adaptor to create the interference fit/mount that will handle a lifetime of torque delivery. This design uses undersized adaptor dimensions that are expanded with temperature shift to momentarily allow the adaptor to slide onto the shortened shaft. The temperature quickly equalizes and bonds them permanently (short of grinding it off and starting again). This is why the need for the specialist…

The other part of this design detail is that I will be imbedding a pilot bearing in the adaptor, just as the original motor had to allow the use of the clutch.

We have located a potential specialist in California and will be sending CAD files to get this started with him.

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