Plan changed

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The original plan was to combine the DC/DC converter heatsink (presently air cooled) with this water cooled charger, since the cooling resource is available to be shared. Because of the non-square inner compartment shape, the DC/DC converter will not fit, even with it’s air cooled heat sink removed. This will force it to the trunk, mated with the 12V standard battery that it will be delivering current to anyway. There is a good location for it there and will not cause a noise issue from it’s fan since the trunk is isolated from the interior.

There is a benefit from this conflict that actually works out very well. We also needed a place to put the electronic controller for the Air conditioning motor/compressor unit (wasn’t in Bob’s original plan, but is needed to drive this A/C pump). Here is the perfect solution:

The air cooled heatsink that this circuit board is mounted to will be removed and the circuit board will instead attach thermally to the water cooled body of this charger unit. They use the water cooling resource at different times. 

We will construct an aluminum enclosure around this circuit board as part of the attachment and mounting of this complete assembly.

There will be one more orange wire attached after a little sheet metal work in the upper right corner. Otherwise, the location of the wires and plumbing work out perfectly with this orientation.

The water cooling lines will enter and exit through hole in lower right of compartment.

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