Charger arrived

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The Charger arrived on November 22

This 3.3kW charger can charge to a maximum of 720 Volts, just enough to top off the BMW’s battery pack.

This is compact enough to fit into the BMW’s optional battery compartment that was empty from the factory on this model,  since they put the 12V battery in the trunk for better weight distribution.

The charger comes with software to program the charging profile.

It can be plugged into 240 VAC outlet if available for charge time around 3 hours. 

If plugged into a 120 VAC outlet, the time to charge doubles.

The charger’s output is isolated from the AC mains for safety. 

If all goes well, we will mate the DC/DC converter to this cooled platform to make the air cooled unit more compact and fit in the same compartment.

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