AC traction motor

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This is a brushless, 4 pole, 3 phase, water cooled AC Induction motor. Weight is 200 lbs.

This is wound for 700 Volt operation for maximum performance which will take full advantage of the 200kW power inverter and high current battery cells.

May 14, 2008, The motor has arrived:

Size is 9.6 inches square by 17 inches long, not counting the shaft, which will be cut down to 1 inch in length.

Here is a direct comparison before and after. Funny that the smaller electric motor, with 1 moving part, has twice the performance of the big, complicated, and wear prone engine.

Since motor compartment space is needed for the battery pack, we need to shorten the output shaft length to mate with the transmission more compactly. A custom adaptor plate will be mounted to this shaft stub that the flywheel/clutch assembly will bolt to.

This shaft adaptor plate will bond with a precise interference fit on the short 1 inch stub.

The pilot bearing (blue seal visible), will be mounted in the new shaft adaptor to make it fit with the transmission input shaft just like this original crankshaft mounted plate did:

Motor mounting Tasks:

1. Determine if 90 degree rotation of motor (clockwise) will clear steering assembly – Done May 19, 2008.

The updated modeling has proven that the motor rotation will work well. The electrical box is stepped at the corner giving the needed clearance to the steering rack power steering assembly. I may need to mill off a small piece of the casting which is inconsequential.

The lower right corner of the white box clears the steering assembly and gives more room for battery pack clearance above the motor. This is how we will mount the motor which is the next step.

2. Take measurements of motor plate and bell housing to create drawing for adaptor

3. Remove transmission and digitize (accurately measure) the transmission bell housing for CAD input

4. Design/CNC mill the adaptor plate that will mount the motor to the transmission precisely

5. Construct motor mount bracket to the new motor position

A side by side look at the gas vs. electric drive system:

This is the view from the back

Here is the view from the front

With the full enclosure modeled, here is how it will look in the motor compartment:

And with the “inner” hood open:

This pack can be removed as a single unit (with an engine hoist) or as individual modules if so desired. There are 30 modules, differing in depth, depending on location.

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