First dry dirt testing

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The first dry dirt testing and what an awesome result..

The throttle curves and software settings were worked out and the results are in: 

Possibly the fastest electric off-road motorcycle on the planet!

This machine flies with seemingly little effort because of its silence. Yes, there is some chain noise but it is, simply stated, a solution to noise issues with neighbors. Our closest neighbors had no idea we were out testing this “frequent flier”. 

Even midnight motos with helmet mounted HID lights have officially been done without waking anyone. When I asked my wife if she “heard something last night”, she said: “heard what”. 

Final approach: Landing on this hard up slope, it bottomed out softly despite the 55 foot jump distance.

The power is controllable enough to hold the front wheel up under full acceleration as seen in this 150 foot wheelie sequence.  Since there is no shifting, the wheelie is not interrupted.

Our Trail Tech bike computer registered 57.4 MPH peak speed on this charge.

Looking forward to getting this on the Washougal Motocross track for real testing.

The cost of charging this pack from a full discharge condition is $0.08 (eight cents here in the pacific NW, where our power is 6 cents per kWhr) We volunteer to pay a bit more for renewable power which means the sources do not include carbon based fuels.

And, once the power-grid-tied-solar array is installed, all this riding will be using free power from the sun with absolutely no emissions of any kind.

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