Milestone reached

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Today a milestone was reached in the project; the real world testing has begun! But first, here are some shots of the final assembly from the previous days…

The chassis with some of our new components bolted in place. 

Here is where the 3rd of three packs go. All packs are designed to fit inside various original spaces to allow all outside surfaces to remain unchanged.

The upper battery box drops right in. We are adding 4 pounds of copper wire to deliver the 600 Amp peak currents.

The bike is just about ready to roll….

The final wiring was completed Friday night and the bike was ready to roll

Hyper throttle..there was some adjustment needed  

The finished package, minus side panels  

We had just returned from the test ride out on the asphalt. These tires spin too easily at low speeds on the asphalt and so we will need street tires for a proper asphalt test, at least until the track dries up a bit more.

It has lots of torque, just what is needed for tight woods trail riding. With some electronic/software control refinements, this will be a smooth but potent machine. The quiet power is absolutely astonishing.

View from the rear

side by side

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