Cell welding begins

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A milestone reached Saturday February 2nd: First welded packs take form:

Cell welding begins

The last plate of the first pack is ready to place and weld:

Here is the first pack with full current path welded. These packs can deliver nearly 1000 Amps as specified from the cell manufacturer. This will never limit the power delivery since the motor drive system can only draw 600 Amps peak!

This portion of the power package goes into the location of the original air intake box. It’s battery management circuit will be placed in the space above the cells along with a large fuse and 600 Amp cable headers before being covered.

We did no welding or drilling to the original Alu chassis; here we are welding the frame mounts to our new down tubes. All pieces simply bolt on with captive nuts everywhere.

The complete set of components fabricated for this prototype ready for final assembly along with the motor and control system… The results of two months of design and fab:

A dyno test is planned for a side by side comparison between the original gas powered CRF250R machine and this new electric CRF2eR. The performance curves will be overlaid ….. Stay tuned…

We will first need to work out the controller settings for best power delivery as well as the charging system details.

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