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Nikola One Class 8 Semi Truck was unveiled Dec 1, 2016 in Salt Lake City by Nikola Motor Company

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EVDrive Inc. is proud to reveal its contribution to the development of the Nikola One prototype ( ), specifically, the AWD 6×6 1200hp powertrain (one motor per wheel – clutchless 2 spd custom gearbox on each motor), of this zero emission hybrid electric long haul semi-truck, that aims to fundamentally change how freight is transmitted globally from the perspective of cost, performance, safety and environmental impact. EVDrive designed/engineered the 4 x 80kWh custom ESS (another pix) , custom DC-DC (another pix), the PDUs, custom ESS chiller, high performance cooling system and many other sub-systems.  The novel powertrain used a custom 320kW gas turbine as its Range Extender (REX).

EVDrive’s focus and expertise in high end zero compromise electric drive trains, including it’s past work in AWD Torque Vectoring, which can deliver higher levels of safety, was uniquely suited for the development of a vehicle powertrain that pushes the boundaries of performance required for this milestone project.


2016 Public Updates We Are Now Allowed to Share

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-> Electric Corvette C6 Sets Another World Electric Vehicle Land Speed Record – ANOTHER RECORD BROKEN FEB 16, 2017 – NEW STANDING MILE SPEED RECORD AT 209 MPH!    700+hp RWD Custom EVDrive-Train™ powered Z06 c6 Corvette pre-production prototype for Genovation Cars, NOW HOLDS TWO RECORDS – Earlier this year, the car Set New Street Legal World Electric Car Record in a standing mile driven by Johnny Bohmer reaching 186.8 mph ,  w/ Bob Simpson, co-founder in the passenger seat ->, Bob interviewed – , and, Custom ESSs ->  AND THEN BREAKS ITS OWN TOP SPEED RECORD and sets a new record WITH 205.6 ON JULY 27, 2016 in a running mile ( ) (VIDEO -> plus a nice news report -> )  The car did 189.451 mph in the standing mile breaking its standing mile record of 186.8 set earlier this year. The 205.6 mph was the final top speed which took ~1.5 miles – Press Release.  VIDEO of 206.5mph top speed run -> (re: difference in top speed between a standing mile and a running mile – a C6 ZR1 Corvette can reach 202 mph in a running mile, but only 179 mph in the standing mile)  Latest records will be officially posted on this site –  “We are so proud of the team that designed/engineered, systems integrated, procured all parts and fabricated this custom EVDrive-Train for this OEM client, without them, these EV record breaking milestones would not have been possible, so a big thanks and congratulations to Erik, Bob, Michael, Paul, Cory, Randy and Carol plus our key strategic parts suppliers RMS and AMR”, says Steve Tice, CEO/COO of EVDrive Inc.  Get more information on reserving your $750,000 copy of the car at the Genovation Cars website.

-> Electric “Harley Street Glide” RWD tour/parade/law enforcement event bike prototype for OEM – Electric touring bike concept designed and built by EVDrive – EVD110LV drive sub-system plus custom gearbox, cooling system and liquid-cooled ESS (battery/BMS sub-system) (if greenlit for production, design will be quite different with custom frame, sculpted cosmetic side panels, etc)  Picture –    Test run video –   (Phase 0 prelim sizing study example)

-> Toyota LC HZJ79 4×4 truck production truck EVDrive-Train kits – Delivery of first production run of kits from EVDrive to ENS Industrial (EVDrive OEM customer – gallery), began in 2016, and ENS installed the kits in the trucks to deliver to its Canadian Mining OEM customers.  This BEV (“battery electric vehicle” or called “all-electric”) powertrain uses a 68kWh battery sub-system (or called “ESS”).  Of significance is the compact onboard 70kW Fast Charger, AN INDUSTRY MILESTONE.  Walkaround video of production truck #1 –  Custom ESSs developed by EVDrive for its custom EVDrive-Train for this specific application -> ,  More information on powertrains (EVDrive-Trains) for other applications, contact EVDrive, however for information on ordering these trucks, please contact: David Street at ENS Industrial at 1-306-242-4441

-> High Powered Electric 4 seat Teryx4 UTV (side by side) (PHEV capable) with AWD Torque Vectoring 1 motor per wheel inboard (where they should be) which uses 4 of our EVD35 drive sub-systems being controlled by our in-house developed Terra Torque Drive™ software platform powering a Teryx4 UTV/side-by-side off-road vehicle as a tech demonstration of EVDrive technology –> and Press Release ->  (for fun, zero radius turn capability on asphalt as well, good for emergencies, not good for your tires)

Like our Series PHEV BMW testbed, this UTV EVDrive-Train design is also a Series PHEV design – REX is not installed in video.

This Terra Torque Drive™ technology has been expanded in application designs to handle much larger and heavier vehicles, up to ~700hp per wheel with any number of drive wheels, if required.


EVDrive ESS Chiller custom engineered for the custom engineered EVDrive 320kWh ESS for the Nikola Semi Truck discussed above unveiled Dec. 2016 (one of four 80kWh modules shown here -> ) ->

PDBs ->

Gearboxes -> ,


Announcing Custom 18650 cell ESS (battery sub-systems) and Most Power Dense 70kW Custom Fast Chargers

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EVDrive now offers custom 18650 & other cylindrical cell based (specific cells from Samsung, LG, Sony, Panasonic – energy or power dependent on application) ESS (energy storage sub-systems) a.k.a. “battery sub-systems” with custom shaped enclosures (ingress protection levels – IP67 optional), master disconnect switch, industry standard power connectors, optional air or liquid cooling and EVDrive in-house developed Active (non-dissipative) BMS.  Applications can range from e-motorcycles, e-ATVs, e-UTVs, industry equipment/vehicles, cars, trucks, marine, buses, etc. Examples:

UPDATE: EVDrive Custom liquid-cooled li-ion battery sub-systems (ESS – energy storage systems) on our latest projects, our “BEST” level options, ~750Vdc, using copper interconnects dual chill plate 3+ah (app-specific) 18650 cells, are coming in complete at industry leading energy density specs: ~9.6kWh/ft^3 and ~13.1lbs/kWh – Compare to the others we offer and have provided clients, complete Kokam or Enerdel pouches based ESS are our “BETTER” ~3.51kWh/ft^3 and ~17.6lbs/kWh and complete Prismatic based we call the “GOOD” option at ~4.7kWh/ft^3 and ~24lbs/kWh. Examples: 18650 cells based ESS – , ,, and ; cylindrical cell based ESS of many sizes – ; and Pouch cells based ESS –


Power Dense 480-575Vac 70kW Fast Charger Modules for OEM projects – Smallest and Lightest in the Industry Today – “dolly” compatible custom units including closed loop liquid-cooling sub-systemsfor example: one application EVDrive team is developing, which until now has been unheard of in the industry, is to mount these small units within a fleet of mid-size e-pickup trucks onboard, w/ 575Vac plug/cable reel allows OEM customers to fast charging these vehicles at any remote location in a mine/construction site where these special 575Vac power taps our available – e-mail for more information


Long awaited e-CRF250R Gen2 conversion production build program was POSTPONED due to OEM customer projects … now restarted …. reservations will be taken starting Sept. 2014

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Click here for more information  -> Big News !!  The long awaited e-CRF250R Gen2 conversion production build program is beginning … reservations being taken for first 50 bikes at wholesale prices to end users.  Engineering Prototype Gen1 version first covered in the news here by Domenick Yoney.   Renderings of the graphics kits for both the Baseline conversion kit and the Optional graphics kits are included in this page.

EVDrive believes electric/hybrid vehicles should out perform their ICE powered brethren to be adopted on a mass scale by consumers – saving fuel and reducing pollution are noble but so far has proven to be not enough for most consumers except early adopters.  Properly designed high performance electric vehicles like our e-Moto-CRF250R, not only out accelerate their ICE (internal combustion engine) brethern (in this case the original ICE powered CRF250R bike – other fast EVs) but overall are more efficient in use of energy, whether it is locked in gas or electrons.   The motor technology for the the e-MotoCRF250R was show at SEMA – left most motor on table – see picture below of table with 3 motors.  VIDEO INTERVIEW discusses briefly the e-CRF250R project

EVDrive offers up monster e-Moto-CRF250R for pre-order –

EVDrive offers first batch of e-Moto-CRF250R bikes for $13,700 –


Future e-moto accessories, timing of release depending on demand –  for this model and future models, we will offer a “sound module”, for those that really need to “disturb the peace”, of course, for “safety reasons” and; a miniature plug-in-play-remove REX (range extender), to alleviate any “range anxiety”, and in fact go further with the e-CRF250R-REX than the ICE powered CRF250R currently can which is ~50 miles depending on terrain and riding style.  Let us know if you feel these 2 e-moto accessories or any others would be of interest to you.

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