Nikola One Class 8 Semi Truck was unveiled Dec 1, 2016 in Salt Lake City by Nikola Motor Company

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EVDrive Inc. is proud to reveal its contribution to the development of the Nikola One prototype ( https://nikolamotor.com/ ), specifically, the AWD 6×6 1200hp powertrain (one motor per wheel – clutchless 2 spd custom gearbox on each motor), of this zero emission hybrid electric long haul semi-truck, that aims to fundamentally change how freight is transmitted globally from the perspective of cost, performance, safety and environmental impact. EVDrive designed/engineered the 4 x 80kWh custom ESS (another pix) , custom DC-DC (another pix), the PDUs, custom ESS chiller, high performance cooling system and many other sub-systems.  The novel powertrain used a custom 320kW gas turbine as its Range Extender (REX).

EVDrive’s focus and expertise in high end zero compromise electric drive trains, including it’s past work in AWD Torque Vectoring, which can deliver higher levels of safety, was uniquely suited for the development of a vehicle powertrain that pushes the boundaries of performance required for this milestone project.

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