Feb 23rd 2016 Genovation GXE c6 Corvette Sets a New Street Legal Electric Vehicle Top Speed Record

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EVDrive OEM customer, Genovation Cars GXE c6 Corvette Sets a New Street Legal Electric Car Record driven by Johnny Bohmer reaching 186.8 mph, w/ Bob Simpson, powertrain project manager and EVDrive.com co-founder in the passenger seat.

More info on the Genovation Electric Corvette project and team that designed and built the powertrain -> https://www.facebook.com/EVDrive.page2/posts/1290858047597055 and https://www.facebook.com/EVDrive.page2/posts/1195323967150464
EVDrive was responsible for the custom (EVDrive-Train™) powertrain design, systems integration and complete powertrain fabrication.  EVDrive is confident of it’s design and that the powertrain is capable of faster times in the near future.

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