Announcing Custom 18650 cell ESS (battery sub-systems) and Most Power Dense 70kW Custom Fast Chargers

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EVDrive now offers custom 18650 & other cylindrical cell based (specific cells from Samsung, LG, Sony, Panasonic – energy or power dependent on application) ESS (energy storage sub-systems) a.k.a. “battery sub-systems” with custom shaped enclosures (ingress protection levels – IP67 optional), master disconnect switch, industry standard power connectors, optional air or liquid cooling and EVDrive in-house developed Active (non-dissipative) BMS.  Applications can range from e-motorcycles, e-ATVs, e-UTVs, industry equipment/vehicles, cars, trucks, marine, buses, etc. Examples:




UPDATE: EVDrive Custom liquid-cooled li-ion battery sub-systems (ESS – energy storage systems) on our latest projects, our “BEST” level options, ~750Vdc, using copper interconnects dual chill plate 3+ah (app-specific) 18650 cells, are coming in complete at industry leading energy density specs: ~9.6kWh/ft^3 and ~13.1lbs/kWh – Compare to the others we offer and have provided clients, complete Kokam or Enerdel pouches based ESS are our “BETTER” ~3.51kWh/ft^3 and ~17.6lbs/kWh and complete Prismatic based we call the “GOOD” option at ~4.7kWh/ft^3 and ~24lbs/kWh. Examples: 18650 cells based ESS – https://goo.gl/xFDLtL ,https://goo.gl/jULl50 , https://goo.gl/m62PsK, and https://goo.gl/LbgLxa ; cylindrical cell based ESS of many sizes – https://goo.gl/CguVXd ; and Pouch cells based ESS – https://goo.gl/t9keDv

LATEST PROJECT NOT UNDER NDA -> https://goo.gl/0Us5Oy
GENERAL EVDRIVE INFORMATION -> https://www.facebook.com/EVDrive.page2/posts/1121580381191490

Power Dense 480-575Vac 70kW Fast Charger Modules for OEM projects – Smallest and Lightest in the Industry Today – “dolly” compatible custom units including closed loop liquid-cooling sub-systemsfor example: one application EVDrive team is developing, which until now has been unheard of in the industry, is to mount these small units within a fleet of mid-size e-pickup trucks onboard, w/ 575Vac plug/cable reel allows OEM customers to fast charging these vehicles at any remote location in a mine/construction site where these special 575Vac power taps our available – e-mail for more information

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