Long awaited e-CRF250R Gen2 conversion production build program was POSTPONED due to OEM customer projects … now restarted …. reservations will be taken starting Sept. 2014

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Click here for more information  -> Big News !!  The long awaited e-CRF250R Gen2 conversion production build program is beginning … reservations being taken for first 50 bikes at wholesale prices to end users.  Engineering Prototype Gen1 version first covered in the news here by Domenick Yoney.   Renderings of the graphics kits for both the Baseline conversion kit and the Optional graphics kits are included in this page.

EVDrive believes electric/hybrid vehicles should out perform their ICE powered brethren to be adopted on a mass scale by consumers – saving fuel and reducing pollution are noble but so far has proven to be not enough for most consumers except early adopters.  Properly designed high performance electric vehicles like our e-Moto-CRF250R, not only out accelerate their ICE (internal combustion engine) brethern (in this case the original ICE powered CRF250R bike – other fast EVs) but overall are more efficient in use of energy, whether it is locked in gas or electrons.   The motor technology for the the e-MotoCRF250R was show at SEMA – left most motor on table – see picture below of table with 3 motors.  VIDEO INTERVIEW discusses briefly the e-CRF250R project

EVDrive offers up monster e-Moto-CRF250R for pre-order – AutoBlogGreen.com

EVDrive offers first batch of e-Moto-CRF250R bikes for $13,700 – EnGadget.com


Future e-moto accessories, timing of release depending on demand –  for this model and future models, we will offer a “sound module”, for those that really need to “disturb the peace”, of course, for “safety reasons” and; a miniature plug-in-play-remove REX (range extender), to alleviate any “range anxiety”, and in fact go further with the e-CRF250R-REX than the ICE powered CRF250R currently can which is ~50 miles depending on terrain and riding style.  Let us know if you feel these 2 e-moto accessories or any others would be of interest to you.

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