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The first ever release of aftermarket “electric crate motors” known as the EVDrive-Train™ complete and unbundled EVD drive systems product launch and Gitano e-sports car have been generating a lot of buzz at Sema 2011!

Michael Motorsport Gitano an electric sports from the Philippines (e-GT111)

DOE endorses Filipino-designed e-sports car

Michel Motorsports Gitano debuts with EVDrive range-extended craziness

New EVDrive-Train™ product family Unveiled at SEMA show Nov 1-4 in Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.A.

Another EVDrive powered Gitano mention in Driving to the Future

 EVDrive Train SEMA

VIDEO – “Bob Simpson and Steve Tice of EVDrive discuss their 3 series/family e-motor line in this video at SEMA this November 2011. These are the folks that are building the WickedAl.com drivetrain for the record attempt for first and fastest electric quad up Pikes Peak. In this video you’ll get a peak at the high tech motors that will drive the WickedAl.com quad. They have motors from 80hp to over 900hp! You won’t find nicer motors anywhere else!”  – http://wickedal.com/

Picture above – From left to right: (all kW ratings are peak) LEFT – EVD40-120kW PMAC-el 54-160HP (EVD60kW 80HP shown) motor;  CENTER – EVD150/200kW-rcr (remy core) 200/272HP peak motor, 150kW version shown on the table above in the center, which is a similar model used by Richard Hatfield’s team at Lightning Motors to set a world land speed record of 217mph at the Bonneville Salt Flats as the world’s fastest electric bike.  Article 1 Article 2  congratulations guys!, this motor is also offered in a double core version for ~300kW/400HP;  RIGHT – EVD250/350kW-rcr motors are also offered in a double core for ~500/700kW (~940HP) of peak power with 350kW inverter/controllers.      The last 3 upgrade-able systems described here use these double core motors.

Specifications and Details Listed Here -> Unbundled EVD Drive Systems

With sales picking up of our EVDrive-train drive systems, after our product line introduction and launch at SEMA 2011 in Las Vegas, a few of our drive system models are now available with relatively short delivery times of 6 to 8 weeks.  Replacing a gas guzzling engine with up to a 800HP single EVDrive-Train “crate motor” is now possible – preferably interfaced with existing manual transmission or auto transmissions can be supported as well – all belt driven accessories are replaced/supported as well.  See EVDrive-Train complete system architecture page for all sub-systems included in a complete “crate motor” upgrade.

These features apply to all systems listed below.

– Both motor and controller are included in these systems and are both liquid-cooled and are waterproof

– Motor cores have more EV miles on them any other motor cores in the world today.

– Controllers are the most power dense and efficient in the world today – used by more electric superbike and auto (hybrid) race teams than any other controller.

– All motor units can handle additional power with upgraded EVD controllers

– Voltage/HP/Torque/RPM curves available upon request

– All EVD systems come with 10 hours of support – additional support will be pre-paid at $110/hour in 2 hour blocks minimum – no refunds

– Prices shown are for Quantity 1 orders.  Quantity discounts available

EVD100LV-Rcr-90p-344-360vdc matched motor & 100kW Inverter/controller

EVD100HV-Rcr-90p-602-720vdc matched motor & 100kW Inverter/controller

EVD130LV-Rcr-90p-348-360vdc matched motor & 150kW Inverter/controller

EVD150HV-Rcr-90p-602-720vdc matched motor & 150kW Inverter/controller

EVD150/300HV-HT-Rcr-115p-602-720vdc matched motor & 150kW/300kW Inverter/controllers

EVD200LV-dRcr-90p-344-360vdc matched motor & DUAL 100kW Inverter/controllers

EVD260LV-dRcr-90p-348-360vdc matched motor & DUAL 150kW Inverter/controller

EVD300/600HV-HT-dRcr-115p high torque – 602-720vdc matched motor & DUAL 150kW/300kW Inverter/controller

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