EVDrive-Train™ Architecture Configured for Series PHEV Powertrain sized for the BMW e46 Conversion Technology Testbed

150kW Drive / 25kW gas REX (range extender) / ~50 mile battery and ~300+ total miles range

EVDrive Gas Range Extender (REX) mounted into the spare tire well flush with bottom of trunk, so no loss of cargo space in the trunk

Here is an example of our 7 module EVDrive-Train applied to our e46 PHEV powertrain technology testbed.  Specific application EVDrive-trains contain versions of the 7 general components of the architecture.  The EVD 150kW/25kW/100mile system shown at SEMA 2011 and this E46 3 series BMWs contain these primary system modules sized and featured as described below:

1. EVDrive EVD150 drive system Module

EVDrive AMR series proprietary liquid cooled case using Remy HVH250-90 cores, the most miles/tested motor core in the world today.

Peak power 150kW  (200HP)
Continuous power 75kW  (100HP)
Peak torque 320 N-M  (236 ft-lb)
Continuous Torque 300 N-M  (221 ft-lb)

Constant peak torque from zero to 5000RPM
Peak power occurs at 5000 RPM

2. EVDrive REX (range extender) Module

  • Continuous Power output 25kW @ 350VDC
  • Uses highly efficient EVDrive proprietary PMAC brushless generator technology
  • Runs at a fixed RPM point for best efficiency
  • Controlled by the EVDrive VCS (Vehicle Control System) or can be manually enabled
  • Small and light package is contained entirely in rear of vehicle within the spare tire well
  • Volume of module is similar in size to typical inflated spare tire wheel, allowing placement into spare wheel well.
  • Liquid cooled rotary engine can run on gasoline, propane, ethanol, or CNG. (rotary mfg. claims EPA emissions certifications – California CARB TBD)
  • Charges the battery pack at a faster rate than Level 2 charging stations (25kW vs. 19kW for Level2)
  • Charges faster than 1 mile per minute
  • This generator design can be scaled to any size from 7kW for motorcycle,
    to 25kW for passenger vehicles, to 150kW for large buses, delivery trucks or RV’s.
  • Current fuel tank gives about 300 mile range – if OEM fuel tank were used, we could expect up to 750 miles range.

3. EVDrive ESS (Energy Storage System) Module

  • The EVDrive System delivers full power above 320VDC pack voltage (voltage under full load)
  • Peak current demand is 450A at 320VDC
  • EVDrive-Trains can be configured with EVD150 for Maximum pack voltage 360VDC

4. EVDrive Vehicle Control Unit (VCU) Module

  • Drive system is controlled through EVDrive in-house developed VCU (vehicle control unit) communicating to car sub-systems via the well-established automotive standard CAN bus for safe and reliable operation
  • Easily adaptable to a variety of vehicle types, buses, trucks, or even aircraft.
  • REX control module with optional smart GPSMap terrain analyzer

5. EVDrive Power Distribution Unit (PDU – includes Main Contactor Modules)

6. EVDrive Accessories Support Modules – low voltage dc & electrical driven versions of OEM accessories

  • Low voltage 12/24/tbd Vdc supply – DC-DC module to convert pack voltage range to low voltage DC for OEM and standard OTS accessories
  • Heating – temperature regulated fluid heater is powered from the main HV battery pack.
    70 Deg. C fluid is circulated through original heater core system maintaining original functionality.
  • Air conditioning – Compressor has integrated 3 phase motor driven from main HV battery pack.
    The remainder of the original HVAC system is still fully utilized to maintain original functionality.
  • Power steering – electric drive module to drive OEM pump
  • Brakes – electric vacuum pump to support OEM brake master cylinder
  • ESS Chiller – for demanding high performance applications, not needed for this application

7. EVDrive Engine Sound Simulation Module (see PHEV UTV demo videos for demonstration)

Additional Options

J1772 charging plug interface is another option along with the standard 14-50 receptacle to charge from any power outlet

See this page for Driving Characteristics and more information

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