Who We Are

EVDrive Inc. is a Portland area, Oregon, U.S.A. based developer of “OEM quality” engineered, modular and scale-able all electric/hybrid electric drive systems and components for high performance conversions, Battery Electric (BEV) and/or Plug-in-Electric-Hybrid (PHEV) Vehicles, and to power new OEM vehicles, including commercial fleet vehicles.

At EVDrive, we have a team with over 200 man-years in multi-discipline design & engineering, consisting of seasoned engineering managers, systems engineers, electrical/mechanical/aeronautical/packaging engineers, CAD/CAE engineers, & low volume machining.  The team has the ability to take the best vehicles in almost every category and replace their ICE (internal combustion engine) powertrains with high performance electric and hybrid drive train solutions. Our components are based on a modular architecture that (in a number of cases) has the potential to outperform the ICE that was replaced.

While we do not focus on creating one-off custom vehicles for non-commercial customers, we can provide strategic and engineering support for such projects and if the project is for TV and/or record-breaking attempts, we will support – our main focus is partnership projects for those who want to resell our custom highly engineered powertrains (a.k.a. “EVDrive-Trains”) within their new products, of whom can range from new small vehicle OEMs to established larger OEM brands.

Driving to Net Zero with full performance

We at EVDrive believe that we are approaching an era of high performance with little environmental impact and that vehicle owners should expect more from pure and optimally augmented or range extended electric vehicles, both on and off road.  Our goal at EVDrive is to provide engineering solutions to allow our customers to be able to develop vehicle products that offer their customers no compromises while pushing to Net Zero in cost to drive/operate and Net Zero effect on the environment.

Company History

The Beginning

Our founder, a uniquely skilled broad based electrical engineer, designer & fabrication craftsman, was following the development of the Tesla Roadster electric sports car a back in 2007 and found himself digging into the details of the electric drive and battery systems out of interest in those things and optimizing the performance of such systems.  The Tesla is a pure electric sports car with impressive performance that is setting a new reference in automotive capability and disrupting what auto OEMs can be, while simultaneously solving the problem of fossil fuel addiction and carbon release when used with renewable energy sources.  With the addition of our second co-founder; another uniquely skilled based technical manager, entrepreneur, aeronautical/mechanical and real-time computer graphics developer, honed from many years as a systems engineer/executive in the real-time computer graphics software industry, our COO and acting CEO, who had been working in Series PHEV vehicle design & architecture since 1979 at RPI, EVDrive was established in 2011.

EVDrive respects Tesla as the company that brought credibility to our industry as not only an industry technical pioneer that proved all “auto experts wrong about electric vehicles” and did it right, engineering a vehicle, a company and a customer experience, like the best consumer software and electronics is engineered.  Tesla engineers its products as integrated systems, focusing on optimizing the all-electric powertrain and then with full vehicle specifications well defined, outsources (now bringing this capability more and more into the company) the design of the standard non-powertrain auto sub-systems to the expert suppliers from the auto OEM world.  EVDrive’s design and and development system engineering philosophy was hone from the same software and electronics engineering world.

The Challenge Identified

Tesla answered the high performance need, but there was still a problem… no matter how large and expensive the battery pack you added, customer/owner behavior must be modified to accommodate “re-fueling time” inadequacies … another approach for today’s customer base was required. The combination of providing both high performance and a solution to the non-renewable fuel consumption problem gave our founder the incentive to investigate powertrain architectures as an engineering project.

Forget traditional parallel hybrids OEMs were offering using un-optimized wide RPM range gas engines (ICE – internal combustion engine) and the generator it ran, simply this approach would not allow for the optimal and correct achievable power density.  Our founder wanted a powerful, pure electric vehicle with optimized range extender assistance. He wanted to drive Net Zero with full performance.

The Prototype Technology Testbeds at Two Ends of the Spectrum

Because of the potential and significance of “near-oem” conversions, both projects at both ends of the spectrum were made visible to others as they were being developed (See the e-CarE46 prototype and the e-MotoCRF250R build diaries).

  • e-CarE46 This machine with it’s series PHEV architecture using a REX (Range EXtender consisting of optimized high voltage generator & power dense constant RPM ICE) would end up becoming a zero emission four door sedan which would ultimately be more economical and efficient than any gas fueled economy car and, yet with nearly twice the performance of its original form!  Additionally, the drive system could outlast the car itself because a lack of wear mechanism.
  • e-MotoCRF250R The Honda CRF250R is already recognized as one of the best motocross dirt-bikes in the industry today so converting it to electric with an appropriately scaled modular EVDrive-Train seemed a natural fit. Riders of all the electric dirt-bike competition and our prototype agree we are really on to something here. This prototype does not need the REX for it’s mission, which is closed course competition.


From these highly developed engineering prototypes a modular, scalable system engineered architecture emerged that was unique to other EV powertrains on the market.   The EVDrive-Train™ architecture was developed using a robust set of proprietary sub-system software and hardware modules  – now with ability to support 65 to 700+HP Series PHEV and BEV RWD and AWD EVDrive-Train™ capabilities for a variety of vehicles.

Take closer look at the EVDrive-Train™ Architecture our engineered sample projects (AWD sample, Series PHEV sample (REX in sealed below trunk floor unit), high HP RWD sample, Off-road AWD truck sample, 2-wheel off-road RWD  sample) and just some of our EVDrive Drive sub-systems used in these projects.  Custom version of other modules of our EVDrive-Trains are available upon request e.g. ESS – battery pack sub-systems, PDB – Power distribution boxes, etc.

We also developing a lower cost shorter ROI (~3 years, vehicle/driving profile dependent) hybrid retrofit kit product line for specific vehicles/customers that can most benefit, called Smart-Boost-Traction™.  The system is targeted at vehicles that can return to some sort of “base” where they can be plugged in for both battery charge and reliable log and software updates transmittal to fleet monitor servers – interviews with fleet users, that although many fleet vehicles go home at night with drivers, a great percentage do get returned to base.  Because these kits are still in development, we do not share information yet on this web-site so please inquire through our CONTACT page.

Here is an overview google slide deck of just some of our capabilities and prior work that is not covered under NDAs.

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