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Learn more about EVDrive’s modular power-train architecture

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New EVDrive BEV Conversion kits for ENSI Commercial Toyota mid-sized pickup trucks

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BMW 3-series E-46 TESTBED

For an example of how we apply our EVDrive-Train™ architecture see our BMW 3-series technology testbed.

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EVDrive’s High Performance EV Conversions

Welcome to the EVDrive™ high performance electric “no compromises” zone … Where we take  great machines and make them even better.


APPLICATIONS – EVDrive™ Inc. is a systems engineering based technology developer where we combine our own top-down complete systems design and engineering approach with internally developed intellectual property (software and hardware) and off the shelf hardware components to create high performance and efficiency powertrains and hybrid technology retro-fit kits.  Our power train systems and specialty components are ideally suited to a wide range of Electric (or Hybrid Electric) conversions of existing vehicle and new vehicle applications: -Commercial fleet utility, cargo, material handling, people mover vehicles, etc.;  Powersports vehicles like Motorcycles, Quads, UTVs; -High performance on and off-road vehicles; Specialty vehicle prototypes.  “Off-the-shelf” Drive system packages and Charged EV magazine ad for these systems.  We provide 3 levels of offerings (examples only shown for each level) as illustrated by this graphic.  Of note, EVDrive is one of only a few companies that offers engineered battery packs designs of any shape and size for vehicles using 18650 cells (similar to those cells used by Tesla) using in-house developed welding, packaging and fabrication technologies.

As part of our society’s transition away from petroleum fuels to more energy independence, and vehicles that emit less harmful pollution, EVDrive believes creating/capturing “your own fuel” e.g. solar/wind/geothermal/etc. to fuel your EVDrive converted “non-performance nor operationally compromised” vehicles, is just one of the more practical solutions that should be considered.

PRIMARY FOCUS & VISION – Driven by the enormous challenge of reducing oil dependence in U.S. transportation, EVDrive is a disruptive energy technology solution company focused on commercial transportation.  EVDrive provides affordable retro-fit solutions that could trigger mass adoption by Commercial fleets that use the most fuel & could gain the most from the technology.  EVDrive solutions offer fleets the opportunity of less than 24 months in return on their investment (ROI) for these upgrades.

EVDrive recognizes two main problems with commercial fleet sectors:  Commercial  fleet vehicles, like city transit buses, with ever increasing heavy electrical loads, use out-dated battery technology & no power management controls for efficient electrical power storage, & delivery. Secondly, for those commercial vehicles that can return to base for overnight charging, could greatly benefit from retro-fit hybrid technology because they use the most fuel, this technology is not available at a price (ROI) that can trigger rapid adoption by Commercial fleet operators.  Yes, brand new hybrid commercial vehicles are available today, but are dramatically over-priced for the reduced operation costs they deliver in the short-term and they depend on government incentives to be economically viable.

Systems integration engineering, controls, battery, motor, & power electronics technologies have been rapidly improving, creating an opportunity for a small agile technology company to design solutions to these problems.  In addition, mass-produced lower cost electric motor technology from related small vehicle fields has unique opportunities when applied properly to hybrid retrofit powertrain solutions.

EVDrive’s Smart-Boost-Battery™ system (Smart-Packs™ for short) replaces lead-acid batteries in high electrical load vehicles with lithium-ion versions & intelligently controls when the power robbing engine alternator is turned on to charge the batteries only when the engine power is not needed such as in braking & coasting  thus saving fuel – & because lithium can take charge very fast, they get topped off quickly, unlike lead-acid, to supply electrical loads – not only are these smart battery systems more reliable & last longer, they save fuel saving fleet money, increasing  fleet reliability & generating an attractive return on investment.

EVDrive’s Smart-Boost-Traction™ hybrid electric system add-on/retro-fit, targetted to medium duty/return to base after shift, uses strategically controlled power & energy capture to not only reduce fuel consumption, improve performance but actually saves fleet customers enough money to generate an attractive return on investment – with low risk in disrupting operations.   (these systems are not currently detailed on this EVDrive website – please contact us for more information)

In addition, EVDrive realized that vehicle turnover in the full range of fleet vehicles is measured in decades (at the higher classes like 8, their are shorter turnovers times) & for EVDrive to make a real near-term impact, retro-fit technology would have to be applicable to vehicles in service  already on the road (retrofits/conversions) as well as to new vehicles entering the fleet. The ability to make existing vehicles more efficient & to accelerate the adoption of new technology in less time than the typical 5 year (or longer) automotive product development cycle should be a real game-changer.

EVDrive has been speaking to stakeholders, such as the fleet managers, mechanics, dealers, finance & leasing experts, corporate executives & others to get a consensus and summarize the requirements for developing technology that fleets can afford and will actually buy.  What we found is that fleet managers & executives, too, have been searching for cost-effective solutions to reduce their fuel use, emissions & exposure to increasingly volatile fuel prices & improving reliability.

EVDrive primary product vision is to develop & sell game-changing, cost-effective, aftermarket electric retro-fit systems to commercial fleets that enables fleet customers, including small businesses, to: Save money, Reduce fuel consumption, Extend value of current fleets, Increase reliability & Reduce exposure to fuel price volatility.  (In future product development phases, this same technology could potentially be applied to consumer vehicles, where “power boost tuning” & fuel economy benefits can be quite desirable)

Converting existing perfectly good vehicles to Electric (or Hybrid Electric) with all but their powertrains being quite satisfactory, seems to be a preferable option compared to the purchase of new ground-up electric vehicles.  We are proving this 2 prong strategy today with our Portland, Oregon vicinity 5.6kW lab facility roof mounted solar system and one of technology testbeds, our series “strong” hybrid BMW 3-series technology testbed conversion discussed here giving us an average of 17,000 miles per year or 46 miles per day of “free driving from the sun” (also known as REEV, range extended electric vehicle powertrain or REX range extender equipped powertrain).  More southern latitudes will produce more “free solar driving miles”.  We also run our other prototypes on the “sun”: e-crf250 dirt-bike & e-Teryx4 UTV (Terra-Torque-Drive™ powered UTV/side by side, Zero Radius Turn capable torque vectoring technology platform, a first in the powersports industry – video with more information in press release links located in the video notes)

At SEMA 2011 in Las Vegas, EVDrive launched a first in SEMA and aftermarket performance history, “electric crate motor” upgrades for high performance vehicles.  These packages allow replacing a gas guzzling engine with up to a 800HP single EVDrive-Train “crate motor”, preferably interfaced with existing high performance manual transmission or auto transmissions which can be supported as well – all belt driven accessories are replaced/supported as well.  See EVDrive-Train complete system architecture page for all sub-systems included in a complete “crate motor” upgrade.  EVDrive-Trains offer the high performance vehicle owner a powertrain that will produce same or more power and torque, same or more total range, less operating / maintenance costs (e.g. up to 100% mpg improvement, regen saves on brake wear while charging back up the battery system, liquid-cooled sealed electric motors require no maintenance, however the small range extender flex-fuel gas/lpg engines do require periodic maintenance) EVDrive continues to research and strive to drive the cost of it’s aftermarket powertrain upgrade systems to meet and beat the value propositions of competing best in class high horsepower ICE (internal combustion engine) aftermarket upgrades (e.g. Viper V10, Nelson NRE355 TT, NRE572)  One thing is clear with today’s EVDrive-Train offerings, they are lower cost to operate and maintain, especially if the vehicle owner “makes/gathers their own “fuel” with a home solar PV system.

CUSTOM VERSIONS OF OUR EVDrive-train™ scale-able architecture for Electric (or Hybrid Electric) conversions of commercial fleet & new OEM prototypes.  Our current focus covers 2 aspects:    1 – Aftermarket Low-cost, short ROI Hybrid Upgrade Kits for trucks & buses – stay tuned for more on our Smart-Boost-Battery™ example in City Bus and Smart-Boost-Traction™ Overview products (briefly introduced above) as test trial data, pricing, availability and more information becomes available.  (for those more interested in performance boost than increasing MPG, these Smart-Boost-Traction kits can add from 50-150hp to an existing powertrain and get a MPG improvement as a side benefit)

 2- “no compromise performance & operations EVDrive-Train Electric (or Hybrid Electric) complete powertrain conversion kits developed for OEMs using INDUSTRIAL GRADE SUB-SYSTEMS – e.g. CANbus sub-systems, energy (temp controlled battery packs w/BMS), liquid-cooled motor/controller/charger sub-systems from 25-600kW and other sub-systems of our powertrain architecture.   Custom Level 3 Fast Charger standalone units are also available (18kW up to 90+kW in 3kW increments) using EVDrive’s proprietary dual-mode SAE J1772 ports/plugs – supports both AC Level 1 and 2 plus DC Level 3 eliminating extra ports/plugs for fleet OEM installations only.

Sample conversion kits available are developed in partnership with OEMs and fleets at this time: One OEM project we can share publicly is our BEV (all battery electric) ENSI Toyota commercial pickup truck (Land Cruiser HZJ79 similar to Tacoma) conversion – see pictures here.  At this time, a production version of our e46 PHEV technology testbed conversion is not affordable as a kit at low volume build quantities, so we are NOT offering this or any other non-commercial fleet vehicle conversion kits in low volume at this time.

To make conversion kits affordable, ~50 kits for a specific make and model need to built at once, so …   What Vehicle Would You Like Converted to Electric Hybrid (range extended or PHEV – plug-in hybrid electric vehicle)?  Let us know …    Take our Electric Conversion Survey

Here is an overview google slide deck of just some of our capabilities and previous work that is not covered under NDAs.

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